Knoxville In Pictures!

Copyrightę 2002-2008 V. Spencer

Note the clear and very pretty blue sky in Knoxville. Knoxville is a beautiful area. We love this place!

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The old and the new.

The downtown office district in the spring.

The center part of the large new court house built in colonial style.

A short walk in the spring between the old and new court houses.

Azelias, red bud and dogwood in flower between the old and new court houses.

The First Baptist Church with a modern office building behind it.

This tree is absolutely fantastic looking. It is not being trimmed, it just grows this way naturally.

Part of the City/County building in the spring. This is a very large and nice office building, with the Tennessee River on its far side.

The statue of the soldier from the Spanish American War (?) is guarding the Old Court House behind us, with the First Tennessee Bank building in the background.

The same soldier from the front, with the Old Court House in the background. There are al kinds of monuments in this area, and two large cannons in front of the Old Court House main entrance.

We love this sculpture on Gay Street, Knoxville

Bronze sculpture in front of a renovated house on Gay Street

Bronze sculpture in front of a renovated house on Gay Street

The fire engine Knoxville donated to New York City after 9/11/01

Sculpted head in the Court House yard

The following nine pictures cover an area called River Walk, several miles long, with very relaxing scenery, several good restaurants, and with a large paddlewheeler boat called the Star of Knoxville that goes on a river cruise several times during the day. There is also a train here that goes on a scenic ride around Knoxville. This is a fantastic place.

"Quack, quack, my wife eats too much!"

"Shut up George! And stop quacking!"

There are seven lakes in and around Knoxville. As a result, we are told that Knoxville has the highest number of boat registrations per capita.

There are also many parks with swimming, and picnic facilities.

And there are some beautiful homes on the lake.

Not bad!

Knoxville is a very active sports town. The University of Tennessee football team is generally among the top ten nationally. The university's football stadium is one of the largest stadiums in the USA with 104,000 seats. And the seats get sold out completely for every game!

The football spirit in Knoxville is incredibly high, and the excitement is great to see. And if you are wondering, the university's football team colors are orange and white. As a result, you see most people wearing something orange and white even to work on days preceding a game at this stadium. On the day of the games, you see people dressed in orange and white everywhere, especially close to the university. It is incredibly exciting to experience this highly charged local football spirit!

This photo is courtesy of Tom Seaver. One of the most famous National Parks in the USA is only an hour away from Knoxville: the Great Smokie Mountains National Park. You can see adorable black bear cubs and other wild animals here early in the morning. The autumn colors are fantastic. The tallest peak is 6593 feet (about 2200 m). There are approximately 800 miles (about 1280 kms) of walking trails in the park. Many of the original settlers' buildings are preserved. A large Cherokee Indian Reservation is only a few more minutes on the other side of the park in North Carolina), with a gambling casino. Click the picture to get more information about this famous National Park.

Brilliant fall colors in the mountains.

Downtown Knoxville in the fall.

Sometimes we have some special activity at the airport. These are two WWII bombers, a B-17 and a B-24 visiting in October 2002. Photos curtesy of C.Doty.



This B-17 saw a lot of action over Germany.


Brrrr...we do get snow like this for a week or two each winter.

...but spring always follows!

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